How to Make a Concrete Foundation

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    November 2015

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1. Step  Getting the site ready

Design a blueprint or call us we can help you get one customized for you. Get a permit and all the paperwork if needed. Make sure that the site is level and higher than the nearest street or manhole. Remove any vegetation from the area where forms will be set, once plans, paperwork and permits are collected begin setting foundation forms. At this point after forms are done, fill inside with select fill since it holds better in order to build up the pads before concrete, this prevents wasted concrete by making the beams, pads, and grade right and evenly. When digging is finish, install the boards inside the forms to make any drops, example at the garages, patios, porches and dropped showers if any. After all these procedures are done call and set up an inspection by enginner and from the city if is needed.

2. Step Pouring the Concrete

Get everything ready a day before there is no issues the day of the pour, check the weather and make sure there is no more than 30% chance of rain on the pour day. The day of the pour make sure to have the concrete pump on time before you tell the concrete plant to send you the concrete trucks, sometimes concrete pumps run late and that can be a big problem if concrete gets to the job and no pump is available. Pour the concrete with the less water as possible, if big amount of water is pit in the concrete, it can weakens its strength. Once is poured and finish apply the concrete sealer, this will prevent almost 99% from cracks. Don’t ever pour concrete when is 33 degrees outside. For more details with your project give us a call or contact us trough our form on the contact page.